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We understand that you have a choice in who provides your orthodontic care. We’d like to tell you about a few features of Suwanee Orthodontics that makes us your number-one option!

  • Wide Range of Services: Our services include comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults and children.
  • A Variety of Treatment Materials: Suwanee Orthodontics offers many different types of braces to accommodate the orthodontic needs of every patient.
  • Fun Atmosphere: To ensure that all our patients feel welcome, we have created a professional, fun office atmosphere! Our staff members like getting to know each patient, and they will listen closely to your questions and concerns.
  • Free Wi-Fi: We know that everyone has a busy schedule, and an orthodontic appointment shouldn’t interrupt your day. We provide a free Wi-Fi connection in our reception area, so patients and parents can do schoolwork or continue working while they wait!
  • Conscious of Your Time: Our staff is genuinely interested in delivering compassionate, personalized care. Likewise, they know that your time is valuable, so they keep our office running on schedule.
  • Conservative Treatment Approach: Suwanee Orthodontics uses a conservative treatment approach which usually consists of placing braces and appliances, having scheduled adjustment and follow-up appointments, followed by a retention phase after the appliances are removed to keep the teeth in their new alignment.
  • High-Tech, Online Services: On this website, you can learn more about Dr. Francis, our staff, office, treatment approaches and the types of braces and appliances we use. We also have T.LINK on our website, a secured patient portal that allows you to check your appointment times and account balances, make bank draft or credit card payments to our office and retrieve information regarding your account – all via this website!
  • Appointment Reminder Text Messages: To help you keep your orthodontic treatment on track, our staff can send you an appointment reminder text message! So no matter if you're a busy mom or businessman, we can help you remember your scheduled office visits.
  • Thorough Initial Exam: We know that orthodontics is a big decision, so we want you to make that decision with as much information as possible. We offer comfortable, obligation-free consultation appointments that help you learn more about orthodontic treatment, as well as get a better idea what your or your child’s orthodontic needs might be.
  • Individual Treatment: At our office, you’re more than a number – you’re part of our orthodontic family! We create personalized, individual treatment plans for each patient so that we deliver only the best results!
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We constantly strive for the best results for our patients, which also means we are dedicated to researching and employing the latest technology in the orthodontic field. Our technical advances provide multiple benefits for our patients, including faster, more accurate diagnoses, and faster, more comfortable treatment.
  • Centralized Location: Unlike some orthodontic practices, which have offices strewn out over several cities or even counties and states, we have one central location that we see our patients in. Our prime location gives you easy access to your orthodontic professionals whenever you need it – no hunting down doctors or staff across multiple offices!
  • Online Services: We live in a digital age, which is why our practice offers loads of information at your fingertips through our helpful website.